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“How will you go back?” said the woman. “Nay, that I do not know. Because I have heard, that for those who enter Fairy Land, there is no going back. They must go on, and go through it”. (R. Macdonald Robertson, Selected Highland Tales)

Like many others in my generation I had been fascinated by George Lucas’ Star Wars. The original movie from the late 70ties made up my choice for a profession in the film business.  Very early I had my own super-8 camera in these days and began filmmaking. Subsequently my first script was a science-fiction movie and since then the fascination of the medium never faded. I got a deeper understanding of the medium during my study time in Munich where I wrote my thesis about movie classic “The Prodigal Son” by Luis Trenker. Along with my interest for the movie business was the interest in certain genres and themes as the supernatural. The classics of H.P.Lovecraft, M.R. James, Shirley Jackson, Guy de Maupasssant and Algernoon Blackwood left a deep impression as the contemporary writings of Stephen King, Mo Hayder, Stephen Volk or Peter Straub. Since the days of Star Wars I have kept also a strong interest in science as astronomy and meteorology.

Having collected a lot of professional experience with working for Sony Pictures Entertainment and TaurusFilm I later founded my production company Endurance Entertainment® GmbH, which is currently involved in various feature film projects.

The Forest Dark Feature Film Project is a very important project to me that I hope will both encompass highly entertaining qualities and exploring fundamental questions. Within its given genre this project, which together with  the project is an intermedial project, will opening up new frontiers in many ways.

Peter Engelmann


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