You can’t see the forest for the trees

“Come closer and see
See into the trees
Find the girl
If you can
Come closer and see
See into the dark
Just follow your eyes
Just follow your eyes I hear her voice
Calling my name
The sound is deep
In the dark
I hear her voice
And start to run
Into the trees
Into the trees Into the trees
Suddenly I stop
But I know it’s too late
I’m lost in a forest
All alone
The girl was never there
It’s always the same
I’m running towards nothing
Again and again and again and again”
A FOREST is a classic song from Brit Cult Band THE CURE and leaves us with many possibilities for interpretation. However there is a central theme – the theme of getting lost and chasing a ghost that just vanishes. Both the forest and the girl could also be meant metaphorical. Is the girl really a girl? Or is it Cthulhu’s call we can’t resist?
With the era of reason we lost the Otherworld. Today, we are seeking for more and more extreme excitements, maybe in the desperate hope to get “reconnected”.
Nevertheless the Otherworld has always been there. We are changed.
There is a certain  call many people receive sometimes. Of course we look for the source of the call but maybe we will never find something. Or we will never find the truth particularly if we look for it, if we try to get the “explanation”. We might get lost in the Forest Dark.
We’re chasing a phantom. The phantom is for real but cannot be seen directly. Sometimes a voice can be heard, sometimes a message is sent, but when getting close we discover that  “the girl was never there”.
Everyone hunting the unexplained knows that feeling. Nevertheless we never stop. An unseen force is calling us again and again and keeping a hidden influence on our lives.
Why can’t  we see more clearly? It’s maybe you can’t see the forest for the trees, meaning we’re never able to see the whole picture. It’s our nearsightedness. IT or even THEY are always very close, guiding our sight but cannot be seen directly.
There is an element of obsession in the classic song A FOREST. The “girl” has demonic qualities. The call doesn’t leave us much choice. Once the call of the Otherworld has reached us there’s no escape.
We might be forced to paint again and again the same picture. We are obliged to explore. We can’t rest for long on our journey. We need to see. We want to find the “girl” whatever it is.
Getting lost might not be the end but a new beginning. In the midst of the dark forest we begin to understand the cosmic game we are part of. And we will see the forest.
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