THE FOREST DARK is a supernatural thriller feature film project in advanced development.

A story about cosmic horror the movie aims to let audiences experience the otherworld in the cinema.

The project combines traditions of the folk horror genre with fundamental questions of existence.

The Forest Dark also challenges our traditional idea of fiction and genre movie telling since it doesn’t simply repeat existing formulas.

It’s supposed to be shot as a lower budget feature film project and using the latest technologies as very low light sensitive cameras allowing to work at specific locations and natural light.

The Forest Dark feature film project is part of the Forest Dark Com Project. It’s an answer to the fundamental change which digital transition means for the film industry by developing a platform on the web long before the production begins.

Stories confronting a rational mind with the unknown and putting him onto a nightmarish trip shattering his innermost beliefs have a long tradition in the genre. From classics as “Night Of The Demon” or “The Innocents” till the latest successes of great supernatural movies as “The Awakening” or “The Witch”, many artists have reflected about the ever-lasting cosmic conflict between men and the forces of the unknown.


In “The Forest Dark”, BARBARA, late 20ties, is celebrating her first victory as a lawyer when she gets a long-distance call deep in the night from her family who lives in a backwood community far away from the next big city. She left the family already with 18 after her father had died. Since that time she has a very difficult relationship with her mother. Barbara is a convinced rationalist whereas her mother has become a mix of Christian fundamentalist and New-age-believer. Now her mother is calling for help and asks her to come home because Barbara‚Äôs younger sister ROSLIN disappeared together with her girlfriend PATRICIA deep in the mysterious primaeval forest.

Barbara returns to the world of her childhood which appears to her like another world, trapped in the past and with superstition alive…

Teaming up the local police inspector our hero comes across the local legends haunting this mountain village for a long time.


The project provoked very different reactions from early stages on. These strong responses made it even more interesting and encouraged to do something which bridges the gap between spirit and materialistic world view. It also became clear that grasping the themes of the movie project requires long term development and an unique approach. If we want to let the audience feel the deeper reality behind visionary experience it is important to raise again and again crucial questions and consider how they translate in modern storytelling.

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