So Many Secrets In The Woods

In her wonderful introduction to “Magic And Witchcraft In Scotland” Joyce Miller describes the belief in a magical universe before the advent of rational science. In that time Miller says that “society regarded the world not just in terms of the physical realm but incorporated a spiritual  one as well, one which we might regard as form of magical realm. These different realms provided the basis for understanding the world and creation” Further she writes, “Although not everyone engaged actively with all of these supernatural or preternatural powers, most of society participated to a greater or lesser degree, in both sacred and profane ways, by attempting to manipulate the occult powers of nature”.

Certain places to get in touch with the occult powers of nature were always in  the woods. There, outside the controlled space within the city limits, was the room for things to be done.

A many things happened in the woods like worshipping and rituals which became often secret rituals with the introduction of Christianity. Even today if we enter the woods we often find mysterious remains of strange events which must happened there. “So what”, we might be tempted to say since Shamanism and neo-pagan rituals are a common thing. Sweat-huts are a well-known form of therapy and all kind of seminars happen in the last remains of wilderness in the western-world. Kids go always in the woods at a certain age to get their experiences.

However on my own ways through the woods I often find some strange remains, which could mean a many things. Do we really know what’s going on there when it’s getting dark? Aren’t there still some times in the year where we think we had heard something, something like strange chants and drums coming from the mountains and deep in the woods like in a well-know story from H.P. Lovecraft?




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