Megalithic Tombs As Gateways To The Otherworld

Research for my Forest Dark movie project led me to a field trip to the magic Island of Rügen, North-East of Germany. As in many areas of West- and Middle Europe you will find impressing megalithic tombs and dolmen there. Their similarity with prehistoric places in Ireland or England, Scandinavia and even some places in Nova Scotia in Canada is remarkable. Many of these sacred sites have been destroyed but you still get the idea of something wonderful and intriguingly impressive with many mysteries unsolved. As far as we know Stone-Age-People had neither airplanes to travel fast nor any internet or mobiles to communicate. If there was really a very widespread common culture ages ago, even long before Romans appeared, we must question our ideas about the history of mankind. We don’t know really know a lot about our origin. The day will come when advanced technologies allow us to better understand these sites and maybe that day we will have to rewrite human history.

As in legendary Stonehenge we find big blocks of stone in Rügen’s megalithic tombs, and it’s still hard to imagine how stone-age people could have moved these huge and heavy stones away or erected them. What’s much more mysterious is the purpose of these sites which are really big and have openings related to the cardinal directions. Maybe even the word “tomb” isn’t appropriate. However, archaeologists found bodies and often armour and valuable items there. The whole setting indicates that the deceased was prepared for his last journey. Their locations were chosen carefully and some people strongly believe that our ancestors had a strong sense for the Earth’ energies and even more. We further know that our ancestors were convinced of the existence of the Otherworld. Megalithic tombs can only be understood if we accept this belief system. They seem like some preparation room, yes, indeed like the transporter room of the famous spaceship “Enterprise” preparing its occupants for their journey into another dimension.

What about megalithic tombs today? There are many mysterious reports and some of them strongly related to the Sleagh Maith from Reverend Kirk’s Secret Commonwealth. They might visit these places too, and maybe there was a time where man even met entities from other realms there. Contemporary visitors speak about strong energies they feel and even more. Indeed, these places can induce intensive experiences and visions due to their psychic atmosphere.  However it’s always the visitor who ignites visions and other things. Furthermore any experience is different and personal. In many senses visitors are advised to treat these places with utmost respect. They are not only part of our cultural heritage, which should be protected for future generations but indeed holy places where people prayed for their friends and relatives.

For your own sake keep in mind that certain places are also paranormal hotspots for elemental forces. Furthermore there might be guardians and still activated protection systems on alert there. Particularly for those who prefer the “fast lane” to enter the other realm there might be also some unpleasant surprises in store.

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