Meeting The Great Old Ones

The forest has always been seen as a place of encounter, encounter with nature, with the gods, with yourself. Coming back to the idea of archetypes, the forest is a place to encounter something which is very old and which also have been known for a very long time.

Our ancestors believed that the trees where the seats of the gods, thus we find often remainders of pagan worship in the woods.

The elder gods might have been gone for long as many of the sacred places but from time to time you can find places and things in the forest, which indeed have some sort of “archetypical quality”. To me it’s happen a lot when I see a very old tree. There aren’t many left, but some of them still exist, which are more than 1000 years old.

Some trees are the oldest living creatures on earth. In Italy there are olive trees, which are older than 3000 years. Imagine what stories they would tell, if they could talk (some believe it’s possible to talk to trees, so don’t be surprised if they answer).

Encountering these giants they leave a deep impression. They are awesome. And a bit scary in certain moments.

It’s like when you look sometimes in the faces of old people and think I have seen this face somewhere before. There is something very impressive about them, they are both very old but they still seem very powerful.

Let imagination play,  and you will get some ideas what they might represent. They resembling more than just a tree, sometimes it feels like there is a very old energy stored up here.

Like the elder gods they seem to have a complex character, these oak trees. They represent strength, they might be protective, for example if they offer shelter inside a cave in their trunk, but they can also frightening, intimidating.

It’s indeed like meeting someone who has been here long before man arrived on Earth. Maybe they will be still there when man has left the Earth, and the forest is alone again with whatever lives deep inside.

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