Dark Matter

In one of its last flights NASA’s space shuttle brought 2011 an incredible instrument to the International Space Station: the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer ASM-02. This high tech observatory can do nothing less than change the course of our civilization, if it finds that scientist’s ideas about the structure and nature of our universe have to be revised. The instrument is supposed to find proof for a phantom nobody has seen or detected so far but which is (simplified) necessary to explain why galaxies seem to rotate at their outer boarders faster than they should according to physic’s laws. The only explanation is a huge amount of matter in the Universe, which can’t be seen – the so called dark matter. But what if dark matter isn’t there? We will have to fundamentally rethink some ideas about laws in nature.

For a long time only philosophers and writers questioned our ideas of reality. Now we seem in a time of transition where also very rational scientists raise a lot of fundamental questions.

Maybe, this will lead to the end of a hundred year long fight between believers of a more metaphysical view of the world on one side and defenders of a strict rationalistic view of the world  and supporters of fact and figure based science on the other side.

We are on a journey to understand the world  we live in and the universe around us and we haven’t gotten very far. Indeed this might be the time of entering  new territories in the collective journey of our civilization.

I am quite sure there is dark matter out there. However I am not so sure what it really is. Like The Forest Dark I interpret dark matter as a metaphor for something yet unknown but what will finally be revealed.

In May 2012, Waleed Abdalati, NASA’s chief scientist said during a conference in Berlin about the future of space travel that we are the transition point.  We stand in the doorway.

Maybe we will soon know what’s behind the door.







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