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“As I was walking among the fires of hell, delighted with the enjoyments of genius, which to angels look like torment and insanity, I collected some of their proverbs” (William Blake)


THE FOREST DARK is a movie project but it became more. It has become a journey into the otherworld, an exploration into an alien universe. The supernatural is supposed to be fiction, the figments of imagination turned into campfire tales. During the research of this project it turned out it is not.

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Not only religions believe in the other realities, even modern science suggests the idea of an universe so alien, so different from our common idea of reality, it takes away our breath. We life in a forest dark and in the dark forest of our ancestors men met the indescribable, the unnamable and what appears to be alien but has been known in the deepest layers of human consciousness.

Exploring The Forest Dark would mean for some people the individual search for the soul, for some it might be the quest for the holy grail, for others it is simply their way to God and sometimes it is about the challenge to understand what doesn’t want to be understood. It is about questioning reality, finding out about the true nature of events and the emanations of the otherworld in our everyday world, about numinous forces that exhibit themselves in many forms.

There is even “a science behind” in the exploration of the Otherworld:


Is there a clear distinction between objective reality or say proven science and imagination, unexplained phenomena and alternative theories explaining the world to us?

Even modern physics suggests that we can’t be so sure about our common ideas of reality. There is an Otherworld. It suggests that “our Cosmic Neighbourhood could encompass other (parallel) universes, extra spatial dimensions other time-like dimensions beyond the common 4-dimensional spacetime we recognize” (Jacques Vallee 2003).

However the same author emphasizes the need of even more unconventional thinking beyond the existing theory models. Vallee writes that, “in any scientific question it must be possible to ascertain to what extend a hypothesis, when tested and proven to be true, actually “explains” the observed facts. In the case of unidentified aerial phenomenon, however, as in physics generally,  a hypothesis may well be ‘proven true’ while an apparently contradictory hypothesis is also proven true. Thus the hypothesis that the phenomenon of light is caused by particles is true, but so it the opposite hypothesis that it is caused by waves”.

Following Mr. Vallees further, many cases of human encounters with the “Otherworld” suggest  they are “psychic” in a sense of an interaction between physical reality and human consciousness.

Does so called “Fringe Science” help to overcome the absurdity of this contradiction which is similar to the numinous particle/wave character of light? Wikipedia explains “Fringe Science” to us as “scientific inquiry in an established field of study that departs significantly from mainstream or orthodox theories…A particular concept that was once accepted by the mainstream scientific community can become fringe science” and vice verca.

Keeping the concept of “Fringe science” in mind can be helpful to keep an open-mindedness towards new models of physical reality.










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