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Pulled Into Another Dimension


People who coincidentally shift to another dimension or person telling weird stories from experiencing the future or the past. And people who mysteriously vanished. Is it true or is does our mind play sometimes tricks? Nobody can seriously answer that question. Believers can come up with a sheer endless number of reports, incidents, and numberless witnesses. This seems a phenomenon that appeared at all times. Modern stories resemble myths and Old Testament stories. This doesn’t answer the question of what is really behind this phenomenon. However, we can grasp the pattern of these experiences and get a better idea about what it is.

Fantasy fiction describes the phenomenon in an archetypical way

Sometimes it is good to look into the tradition of film and literature. There is one book which is like a blueprint for this phenomenon. This is “The Wizard Of Oz”. Originally children book it also became a musical and a movie. The Wizard of Oz was a tremendous success. The book is a classic everybody knows. The 1939 film was one of the most successful movies ever made. There is a memorable scene in the beginning. A twister occurs and Dorothy is shifted into another reality. When this happens Dorothy sees very strange things, for example, the witch. This set-up is very typical for many fantasy stories since there an alternate reality in most of these stories (Alice in Wonderland etc). However here we have some key elements which are typical also for similar “real experiences”. In the first place, we have severe or strange weather which works as a sort of precursor. Secondly, our normal sense of what’s real or the laws of nature doesn’t have a place here. The heroine is shifted into a more dreamlike form of reality. Dorothy herself is in a sleepy state.

The Wizard Of Oz had a tremendous influence. We find many references in David Lynch’s movies and series. Wild At Heart might be the most prominent example. However also in the new Twin Peaks series, The Return, there are a couple of strong references. We see people vanishing or dragged into another dimension. There is a mysterious vortex which Gordon Cole sees and which later occurs again.

However, the most interesting question about The Wizard Of Oz’ memorable scene is why does it work so perfectly? It is a really weird moment, the girl in the house flying in the middle of a twister and ending up in a different dimension. Perhaps this is because this motive is already well established. A lot of people must be somehow familiar with the idea that you could be dragged into another dimension. Not exactly on a conscious level but on a deeper level, like some inherited memory. It sounds weird, but there must be some sort of preexisting fundamental experience that is alive as long as we are a child and which we forget later. Otherwise, you wouldn’t “buy the story.” It might have been an even more common experience in ancient times. Modern people often have lost that connection to what you call the invisible world. However, this kind of otherworld intrusion then happens in the weirdest fashion.

There is, of course, no true story behind the beginning of The Wizard Of Oz. However, there is a long tradition. We know about abduction stories in medieval times. In these times it was the elves stealing babies or performing abductions. There are also many out of body experiences in ancient scripture. They are often similar to modern-day alien abduction stories.

No real explanation

Many scientists tried to explain weird witness accounts of strange events. Since some people claimed they had been paralyzed during an abduction experience sleep paralysis became a common explanation. When you sleep your muscles are in some sort locked-in mode. Sometimes you wake up to earlier and there is some weird process in the brain. Things coming from dreams are mixed up with reality. However, this is not a sufficient explanation for many many cases. Sometimes the phenomenon is not only experienced by one person. Sometimes a person literally goes missing. Some people are never found. Others are found under weird circumstances in another place. There is no explanation of how they got there. Often they can’t remember what happened. Of course, there will be always some reports which were made up. But there is a sheer mass of extremely convincing stories. There are stunning detailed accounts of shifts into another dimension. One of the most impressive aspects is the credibility of the witnesses. They are mostly honest people overwhelmed by what has happened to them. In many cases, this is a life-changing experience. People who got lost or had an experience like an out of body experience, an abduction experience or found themselves in another dimension are never the same. There had been a very convincing documentary about this from Argentina: “Witness Of Another World”. The movie visits a now aged witness of a close encounter when he was 12 years old. This event had a compelling influence on his whole life. It took him a very long time to cope with what hat happened to him. Even if we don’t have the answer to what is really going on we should treat them with the greatest respect. We do know some things for certain: 1) This phenomenon goes a long way back – the beginning of the fictional Story The Wizard Of Oz is like a model, an archetype for this phenomenon. 2) It happens a lot. 3) There is a pattern or typical elements involved.

Repeating patterns

It is very interesting that these strange things happen in regions where orbs of light occur. In many cases, there is a series of UFO-sightings before other strange events occur.

Weather and uncommon weather patterns seem to play an important role. It is important that these are often weather phenomena which are not possible in the normal sense of how weather works. Sudden rain on a clear day. A thunderstorm out of nowhere. A mist suddenly occurring. Strange weather phenomena and light orbs seem to be precursors of a beginning opening of a portal between dimensions.

Witnesses who experience an episode where they are in another dimension report often similar things. As in a dream they weren’t exactly frightened. The reality they experienced was somehow different but it was not the other world like another planet.

There is often a loss of time. The witness can’t explain what exactly happened during that time

It is often a life-shattering event. People are not the same after such an experience.

Fiction and Facts are coming closer together

It is still surprising to see how stories that were created as fiction seem to become something that also exists in reality. This applies to many Sci-Fi stories. The idea of portals and alternate dimensions is getting more and more present in science. There is now tremendous and excellent research done about missing cases by experts as David Paulides which is also a big hope for people experiencing strange and unexplainable events in their life. They deserve more attention and understanding. There is really something going on out there. It’s really big and it is still beyond our comprehension. But slowly the picture forms. We might stand in the doorstep of a new world view.