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Portals are very common in science-fiction and fantasy. There is even a preset in a compositing software for an interdimensional portal. They are a popular explanation for paranormal phenomena. Portals can be many things. Popular examples are wormholes connecting distant places. They are doors into the unknown. Most of all they question our idea of reality. Portals suggest that reality is not what it seems.

For a long time portals were only an idea both in fiction and scientific theories. Then NASA found them – in some way. NASA discovered so-called X-points connecting Earth directly with the upper atmosphere of the sun. According to NASA, they are “Mingling lines of magnetic force from the sun and Earth criss-cross and join to create the openings. “X-points” are where the criss-cross takes place. The sudden joining of magnetic fields can propel jets of charged particles from the X-point, creating an “electron diffusion region.” But what do these portals? What are the effects? The scientists say that portals can heat the upper atmosphere or create impressing auroras.

The X points of NASA are electromagnetic portals which still exist in our known realm of science. If they exist there is a good chance that there are other portals out there as shortcuts or opening to other dimensions. If we think of the portal to explain unknown phenomena like the Bennington triangle we can use the known portals like the X points as a model.

The effect of interdimensional portals

Thus, we should think again what a portal does? It is a door, but also a gateway. It has a certain effect. Subsequently, a traveller from another place could visit our place, our neighbourhood, our dimension. Vice versa somebody entering a portal from our side could travel to another place, another dimension, perhaps a different time. Portals are often mentioned in connection with mysterious vanishings. Some people think portals could be an explanation for the missing 411 cases.

Portals as displays

Portals are not only shortcuts and “black holes” where something can vanish without a trace. They seem to appear as reality shifters. Portals seem to change the normal world in certain places. They might be behind certain Ufo-sightings and supernatural phenomena. We know about many areas where not only people disappear or there are sightings but where everything seems “wrong”. There is something wrong with time, there are disturbances in gravity and any kind of spooky things happen. Skinwalker Ranch is an example as a place where many weird things happen at the same time. The same applies obviously to Glastenbury. This is also what the forest dark is: In these haunted areas everything is different. Here, our ordinary reality is a mask and some uncanny otherworld is the real face. This suggests that portals could work as a kind of display, like a TV-screen showing us glimpses of another world. However, unlike our TV-set the other world is not really separated. It is a display which connects directly with our realm. Maybe it is more like a holo-deck. Of course, it is difficult to prove this kind of portals. The problem at the bottom is our ability to understand portals. It is a bit like cat and dogs watching TV. They do actually watch TV. Obviously they only have a different interpretation of the display. Cats sometimes look at what is behind the TV-set.

The zones are the portals

We often hear that there are portals within the well-known zones like the Bridgewater Triangle (Free-Town Fall River State Forest). For example, a witness in the excellent documentary based on David Paulides 411 missing cases of hunters said that he even heard something like a giant steel-trap. Thus, there is a tendency to think that this might be hidden doors in a certain place. However, if we look at the whole picture we see that we have certain places or regions which appear somehow disconnected from ordinary reality in some way. We hear about the same constellation of phenomena. Often there are light orbs, sightings of monsters and mysterious vanishings. This is like one giant glitch in the matrix. Perhaps it is more accurate to think of these zones as the portal. We don’t need to search for the portal in a zone because the zone itself is the portal. Of course, this is a theory – perhaps fiction. But if we remember the definition of the NASA discovery of the X point portal this idea makes some sense: The portal creates a tunnel where particles from the sun have an effect (heating up the upper atmosphere, geo storms etc.). Now, what if we have portals opening a gate for other particles or even entities? They could create any kind of effect – something which we see as a supernatural phenomenon or even influence human behaviour. We know that the Free-Town Fall River State Forest has a sad history of crime. Even it is wild speculation, it is worth to think why certain places have such a high crime rate. Maybe one day we will discover an influence we haven’t thought of in our wildest dreams. There is an interesting observation in the collection of the missing 411 cases about mysterious vanishings in the forest: It happened in places where there is no wildlife. Animals, as we know, have a very good instinct.