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Dark Entities

Feeling some bad influence? The presence of some unseen force?

If you look up “dark entities” on the web an endless row of articles pop up. Obviously we are surrounded by dark otherworldly entities. The invasion must have happened a long time ago. A lot of people have a very precise idea what a dark entity is. This is a bit surprising since these ideas sound pretty fantastic.

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Artist love to create endless variations of dark entities. Currently we are seeing the revival of a prominent shapeshifting dark being – Pennywise, Clown, Monster and much more. In some cases the dark entity is closely connected to a person like “The Horla“. ATTACHMENT is an attribute we hear very often when it comes to dark entities.

It’s interesting to ask what’s really going on when so many people seem convinced such things exists. And if it comes to potential real stories it seems again that “dark entities” are often connected to places. The ominous “Freestate Fall River Forest” was mentioned before with its sinister creatures. The mysterious orbs of lights here and at other places are sometimes harbingers of darkness.

Of course it’s such places where people get confronted with dark entities or feeling followed from some dark presence after they visited a special place. The theory is that energies are highly concentrated there “People also come into touch with the Unseen through the influence of places. Someone who is not actually psychic, but who is sufficiently sensitive to perceive the invisible forces subconsciouslly, may go to a place where they are concentrated at a high tension” (Dion Fortune).

Otherworld entities can appear in many forms. According to many writers we should be careful. Patrick Harpour (Daimonic Reality) writes that the: “Daimons draw on our psychic energy to give themselves substance” and Dion Fortune (Psychic Self Defence) has very precise ideas about different kind of entities like “thought forms” or psychic vampires. When it comes to dark entities the “tulpa” idea often is mentioned, which is kind of a energetic thought form, something which is created by our own thoughts.

It would be an interesting question if real “alien” dark entities exist in the intermediate plane and can have a certain influence in our world. The daimons from the ancient candidates are good candidates. Sometimes they don’t appear too dark or dangerous in the first place but they are powerful archetypes. For example the nordic-god Loki is a good example for a shape-shifter. Or what about Mephisto? Sometimes people invite such entities. Dark entities always are quickly answering the call.

Dark entities can be ambiguous beings. They don’t do you any good but that’s not because they are pure evil but they get their victims into a certain mode. They make them doing things. It seems also the case with some visionary encounters when the person who had that experience changed somehow. It looks like there could be some sort of “dark attachment” after certain types of encounters.

This is the moment where we should ask if “dark entities” could be also a creation of our own paranoia. Sometimes people getting talked into some sort of paranoia. Or the idea that you are followed or there is some mysterious force around you is like a powerful computer virus corrupting our thinking. One of the strongest stories which turned into the horror-classic “Night of the demon” is “Casting The Runes” by M. R. James. It’s about a curse but it is also the perfect example of a personal paranoia story. The fear of dark entities can kill you. Perhaps the truth is that we can relate much more to that feeling rather then to the demon (the cheesy demon at the end of the movie nearly ruined that film).

Deep in the forest in the middle of the night we might not see a “dark entity”. We even can’t say if these things exist or if our mind make them up, but we know that fear. That fear of something lurking in the trees, watching us, following us, getting into our thoughts. Something which becomes attached to us. This is what my movie project is also about.

Or is it some sort of awakening? Is it that these entities had been around us for a long time but then there is moment in these special corners of the forest (the ancient indian burial ground, the magical grove, the ritual site) when we become aware of them. Perhaps Dion Fortune is right: “Normally, although we move in the midst of these forces (for they sustain our universe), we are oblivious of them. Where they are concentrated, however, unless we are very dense-minded, we begin to be dimly conscious of something that is affecting us and stirring our subliminal self”. This is the moment. From now on we are under the spell.

There is one question left over: what does a dark entity want? Psychic vampirism was mentioned. Destroy us? Or perhaps use the victim in the eternal battle between good and evil which is happen behind the veil of ordinary reality? And is it possible that dark entities can become or exist as ordinary humans? Perhaps it’s the best idea to check our direct surrounding in the first place.