Dance With The Demons Through The Forest Dark

Don’t look now. You keep the windows closed. You don’t want to hear that strange noise behind your door, and you don’t want to know what’s going on outside. You turn the lights on. You think you are safe inside the house. But they’re coming, and they will find that door that you can never close. They will find you in your dreams. The “rough nights” are the time for big dreams. Some dreams are visionary. Some dreams are more disturbing.

And this time the reality of the dream feels more real as in other dreams. You might be a different character acting in a weird movie. Then – perhaps – they have found you. You don’t see them as monsters because they are the WRITER and the DIRECTOR of that movie, which they have written only for you.  You not only might become the victim of disgusting and frightening acts, act you won’t tell anybody. You might do things in your dream, strange things, shocking things you keep for yourself. They got you.  This is when you see the world from their perspective. All you can do is join the dance. When you wake up you might think it was just a dream. But can you be absolutely sure?
Sure, our bodies rest in bed when we sleep (until we begin to sleepwalk), but do we know where our soul has been over the last hours? Maybe they can take you with them and offer you visits to other possibilities. Maybe they test you if you can resist. That’s maybe the experience of these magic nights in the middle of winter.

The dreams we don’t forget might be a reason why men invented so many rituals in the hope to find protection. However sometimes part of the ritual is to dance for a while in the forest dark with them and hope to survive. And any ritual can change you as the dreams can change you – perhaps the dream doesn’t really end when you wake up. Or you wake up and see the world from a different perspective. They love to whisper in your ear and give you something to think about, maybe dangerous thoughts, maybe intimidating thoughts you will never forget. You can’t really avoid this dance.