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Autumn Dreams

The nights are getting colder.  The days become shorter and shorter. Everything changes. When we go into the forest in the autumn we enjoy the great colors of the season, red and yellow colored leaves and the last warm rays of the sun. For those among us who are more sensitive or even have some psychic abilities this time is ambivalent. Not only that Samhuinn (Halloween) is the moment when our dimension and the other dimensions overlap, there are certain energies in the air. These energies can be very strong particularly when a full moon in October rises and sometimes the days become unnaturally warm again.

It’s a good time to visit the secret places in the woods again. However the wanderer needs to know when he has to be careful. This is a time for very special dreams. Some dreams are more as pure dreams. Sometimes they seem so real. And where do they come from? Where do certain images come from which even pop up sometimes in bright daylight? Maybe there are seasons or times of the year, which present more like a change of mere weather conditions. Like many other phenomena in nature they present an idea. This perspective can be found in ancient myth, like the cult of Persephone. Today we have lost this ancient wisdom. But in certain moments moment we sense a certain atmosphere or some kind of energy, which triggers sometimes disturbing images. And again there might be ceremonial places which work like batteries, storing up energies and waiting to be released.