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A Separate Evolution To That Of Humanity?

“There are other forms of life as well as ours whose sphere evolution impinges upon the earth”, DION FORTUNE, Psychic Self-Defense

Sometimes I wish she would be wrong, but she isn’t. The truth might be even more frightening. That’s what I’ve learned.

Legendary occultist Dion Fortune not only tells us about elemental forces and the background of demons but also about a scary idea which doesn’t sound so far away considering today’s speculation about parallel dimensions. In her classic “Psychic Self-Defense” she mentions the Deva-Evolution, which refers to entities or non-human souls, which emerged from a separate evolution to that of humanity. However there is no talk about humanoids with a different DNA as some sorts of alien-sightings suggest, but a whole cosmos of souls which are not really human but which could also incarnate in a human body. They could use human bodies as a hull, as humans not aware about their true origin and live among us undetected.

This triggered something when I thought more about it. It is indeed not a new idea, it was also mentioned by Algernoon Blackwood. My immediate thought was if there is a parallel evolution to that of humanity, there might be numerous species. There might be some entities, which are not friendly at all and some of them might have a plan. Some of them might even protect humanity as long as it fits their purposes. And we might be straight in the middle of a war of cosmic proportions.

However there are much more troubling questions if we dig further: if there are life forms, which exist on a kind of “higher frequency” our usual limitations of space and time means nothing to them. They could keep a hidden influence on our lives. Maybe there would be no need to communicate with humans in an ordinary sense. What if somebody could have access to our mind or to our conscious, manipulating us in secret ways?

Dion Fortune’s ideas can’t be explored in an ordinary sense. We can speculate and we can make up our fantasies about countless parallel universes and their various inhabitants. We might feel their presence in certain places but the only chance to understand would be to remember. It might be not them but us who came originally from another place. And are you really sure that you don’t belong to a separate evolution to that you always thought you would belong?


Another Day In The Woods

It is often said walking in the woods is good for you. Sometimes we can experience many different things there and learn about long kept secrets. There are bright places there but also some places, which are very special. There might be even dark corners there, where something can take us by surprise. We might think sometimes there is no darker place than our thoughts. However do we really know where certain thoughts come from? Stroll around for a long time and maybe you will meet somebody in the dark corners of the woods. It has always been there, maybe waiting for somebody who will come like Maupassant’s legendary “L’Horla”. In a certain state of mind we might even get a glimpse of what it is and learn about forbidden things, which happen sometimes in the woods in a certain place.