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Do you remember your first call?

A few days ago I discovered an old sketch I did a long time ago. It’s even older than the drawing in the first transmission post, in which I put in question if we are always the inventors or the “creators” of our ideas.  When writing the Forest Dark Movie script I had long forgotten about that drawing,
Spiral-like shapes came up again and again in different circumstances during the writing process and will be part of the visions the main character experiences in the story.

Only later I came across the metaphysical significance of spirals or circles. There are endless interpretations and theories about the all-over-presence of spirals and circles in form of mandalas and mazes. There is something magic about certain patterns, maybe not in the sense of an active power but as powerful symbol which can set our minds in motion.

Like the icon in your windows-surface the spiral might be only the symbol for a much deeper dimension, for being drawn to something beyond you know.

Jacques Vallee emphasized the dominance of circle like forms in Ufo-reports and even psychologist J.G. Jung speculated about UFO’s as a modern symbol triggering change inside the collective unconscious. Maybe somebody is projecting these images upon us as kind of a wake-up call.  As I said in the “You can’t see the forest for the trees” I am sure that a lot of people receive a call sometimes. The question is, do we recognize the call. Do we remember the call? And how does it influence our decisions? And if we can be manipulated by strong symbols projected directly into our conscious how much choice do we have? Maybe certain symbols stand not only for transition but for something which has forgotten and has to be remembered. As said in the Anamnesis article it is possible that if we create and explore we actually remember what has been forgotten, but what has been always there.