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Somebody’s watching you!

I have been looking up in the sky for a very long time. Scientists tell us there are billions of worlds out there. A certain portion of stars are supposed to be surrounded by earth like planets or planets which may be habitable for some sort of life form.

Usually we think of these worlds in our own terms. We expect them to look similar and their inhabitants at least somehow humanoid.

There is no final proof that our assumptions about the universe are right. Our experts say maybe there is somebody out there but he will not come to visit us because the next habitable planet is too far away.

Is that so?  I am not the first one who has a certain feeling that somebody’s watching us.

We cannot set our technologies or our idea of live as a standard for the whole universe. Somebody’s watching over mankind for a very long time. They might not use a telescope or they might not need to visit us in some kind of space ship. They might be far away and very close to us at the same time.

They use peeping holes, where they can study us. They intervene from time to time. These peeping holes could be located at sacred sites or deep in the forest but maybe they can even use the clouds. A lot of mysterious things are going on during a big thunderstorm. We do not know really a lot about the skies above us. Why shouldn’t there be windows up there into another dimension – or vice versa – a window into our world?
One big question remains. If somebody is watching you there is usually an intention behind it. The watcher observes and often does something in the end. I mentioned my suspicions already in the creative infusion post. How far is our life under cosmic influence? Vice versa, aren’t we influence the development of the universe? If somebody is watching us there might be a reason for it. And our freedom could be an illusion. We can only hope for some noble intention. But if you could ask him WHY there might be also disappointment or shock.

I am asking myself if there is a chance to meet the watcher or at least feel the influence of forces who exhibit a hidden influence on our life?

Yes. It is particularly through working on The Forest Dark project I felt somehow this is happen in a larger context. Certain coincidences might not have been coincidences at all, remember what I said about the experience in Sweden.  With the continuing research for The Forest Dark Feature Film Project I came across some important revelations and I will keep you informed about further revelations. It is not easy to track down the presence of something which is so close and so hard to detect. But it is there and conducts a powerful influence over us. Famous UFO researcher Jacques Vallee once said that there might be something up there which does influence our belief systems. Maybe there is even a fight going on about the human soul and beliefs.

Sometimes somebody leads you down the road to a certain point and you don’t even sense that you were accompanied all the time.