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Mysterious connections between places

Many legends tell us about strange connections between places which are normally far apart. In North-East Germany there is a famous lake: Stechlin. Divers come to this lake because of his crystal clear water. If you swim there you can see the lake’s bottom even if you are already in some distance from the shore. The lake is surrounded by huge nature reservation areas. Many tourists come every year to enjoy the lake. However the fishermen know about the dark side of this lake. Like  in Loch Ness there is a monster down there in the form of a giant red rooster. The most remarkable story however is that the lake responds to earthquakes or volcano eruptions far from northern Germany. Sometimes a fountain can be seen when something happens in the world. German Novelist Theodor Fontane wrote a famous novel also titled “Stechlin”, mentioning the old legends.

The legends about the lake are an interesting lead that different ideas of our reality are alive. The stories doesn’t make sense in our ordinary topography. However in the topography of the Otherworld there’re different connections between places or even between countries. From the point of view of the Otherworld a region in another continent or even on another planet might be straight in your neighbourhood.

People dream of places where they have never been. In the realm of dreams there are also different connections as in our ordinary reality.  Sometimes the reality of dreams seem to overlap with our everyday reality. When working on THE FOREST DARK movie script the idea that we might be need to draw unusual connections between regions occurs again and again.  The research sometimes lead to very strange relations in the matrix of our reality.