The Forest Deadlights

“They go towards it. The LIGHT FLICKERS, they are full of hope”(The Forest Dark).

Lights usually indicate hope. But sometimes lights can be the source of evil like Stephen King’s “Deadlights”. In his novel IT the deadlights are what pennywise the murderous clown actually is. “It is an orange light that mesmorizes those that are afraid. when mesmerized, IT can feed. IT wakes up every thirty years and IT feeds. It is what is behind the clown” (Urban Dictionary)


Dangerous lights have been already mentioned here in different cases. The fictional deadlights are more then this. The unknown entity which is the “deadlights” has a mythological background in Stephen Kings universe. It stems from the macroverse , a mysterious void outside the universe, and can manifest in the form of your worst fears or it can create any kind of illusion. It destroys you literally and mentally: “Coming face to face with the deadlights drives any living being instantly insane”.

The interesting part comes with “It’s natural enemy is “The Turtle,” another ancient Macroverse dweller who, eons ago, created our Universe and possibly others. The Turtle appears in King’s series The Dark Tower…The series suggests that It, along with the Turtle, are themselves creations of a separate, omnipotent creator referred to as “the Other’” (

There is a familiarity about this concept: It might be not so much an invention but taps into the gnostic tradition. We see the good/evil and light/dark dualism and the idea of the creator god and the more evil demiurge at work in Stephen King’s mythology.

Even “deadlights” also strongly resembles some Lovecraftian creatures (IT has been here for aeons) it is a gnostic idea. A godlike creature is behind the manifestations of evil. Hope lies with a superior god but that god is far away and not engaged in human affairs. However there is the divine spark or a “good side of the force” which could help against the “deadlights”.

Thus there would be at least a theological background in the idea of the deadlights. It has to be mentioned that “Gnosis” is not one single straightforward theological concept. It’s more a collection of traditions and ideas. For a long time we knew very little about this religion which emerged in the ancient times, until a spectacular archeological discovery, the Nag Hammadi library.

We don’t know if Mr. King was inspired by these ideas or if it is some knowledge which is in some way familiar to everyone.

The most interesting aspects of deadlights is the shape-shifting quality and the manipulative power of the entity. Furthermore there is an otherworld, a realm beyond our universe where these forces come from.

If we look at some phenomena connected with supernatural events in the woods and many stories in particular, we see some similarities: often a light is reported in the first place in stories about strange encounters. Even these lights often have not a harmful character there are many examples of deadly lights, like the chupas in Brazil .

And there is one thing which is often reported in connection with strange lights: the loss of sanity. Looking into the lights is as extremely dangerous as the deadlights which flicker in Pennywise’ eyes. Furthermore there is often a masquerade: the sightings of monstrous beings, witches and phenomena appear more like a simulation rather then real things. Deadlights can manipulate reality. The historical “Happy Camp Case” comes to mind where a small town was fooled by UFO’s, unknown entities and mysterious strangers. In reports about “Haunted Forests” also often a broad variety of weird sightings appear which sound like a huge manipulation of reality. A typical case it the Freetown-Fall River State Forest.

Furthermore the aspect of “vampirism” is interesting: “When mesmerized IT can feed”. This is what we also hear in many stories about close encounters – victims were mesmerized and felt weakened for a long time.


Stephen Kings “Deadlights” is another example of a fictional concept with a truth behind it. There is something very real about these ideas, a reality which is also part of the Forest Dark Movie Project. The Gods hide between many masks and what else is the “Deadlights” as an ancient daimonic force mentioned in many myths, stories and contemporary events? Perhaps Pennywise walks among us right in this moment.

Places That Shine

“Dick Hallorann: Some places are like people: some shine and some don’t.” (The Shining) Dick Hallorann explains a supernatural ability and phenomena to Danny shortly after the Torrance family arrives in the Overlook Hotel. The “Shining” is a concept introduced by Stephen King in the novel. In the famous scene between Dick Hallorann and Danny the cook sounds very convincing. Perhaps the “Shining” is a very real thing.


The “Shining” is not the same like clairvoyance. The interesting thing in the movie scene from the famous Kubrick feature film is that it revers both to places and to people. On one side the “Shining” appears like an energy but not a formless energy. It is more like some living being. On the other side it is an ability. It’s an ability to see or to receive information from another plane of existence.

As a metaphor we could say that some people are like a very strong W-lan device. But even more they have a certain understanding of the hidden nature of things.

And if there are places which “shine” there are definitely forests that shine. Some shine some don’t. And these forests are like characters; perhaps there are some very wicked people among them. The “Shining” is a very good model how some haunted forests could be seen.

If it comes to such places there is always the question why does that place shine? Often an old legend is mentioned. The Overlook hotel is supposedly built at the place of a massacre. The very real Freetown-State forest is a place of injustice against the indigenous people. This is the classic ghost house concept – some guilt or some terrible event in the past. However there are many places without such legends. It seems more that some places have a special quality, they are the places where our world connects with another realm of a different reality.

“The Shining” is a quality of a place.

People who shine not only can sense or receive disturbing images at these places, they can also work like a catalyst, especially in a forest. They could activate the energy in a forest which was always there. In the best of all cases these people could understand the real nature of a place. Things about the forest are revealed to them. Perhaps this is also another background of the stories of witches in the forest. They were the people who understood, their secret meetings with the fairies were encounters with another realm. But even more the “places that shine” could reveal some inner truth. They tell us about our true nature. And even more they can make us do things. This could also be a background for many strange stories about people who did rituals or strange things in the forest. “The Shining” is a real power which still needs to be explained.


Forbidden Encounters With Supernatural Beings In The Forest

The most intriguing aspect of Margaret Murray’s Witch Cult hypothesis is the strong connection between witches and fairies. In some ways the witch cult was the cult of the fairy, and the image of secret gatherings in the forest is related to the fairy cult. And here there is more as pure fantasy and speculation.


Murray writes in the “The Witch-Cult in Western Europe, by Margaret Alice Murray, [1921], at”: “That there was a strong connexion between witches and fairies has been known to all students of fairy lore. I suggest that the cult of the fairy or primitive race survived until less than three hundred years ago, and that the people who practised it were known as witches. I have already pointed out that many of the witch-beliefs and practices coincide with those of an existing dwarf race, viz. the Lapps. The Devil and the witches entered freely into the fairy mounds, the Devil is often spoken of as a fairy man, and he consorts with the Queen of Elfhame”.

One source of Murray’s theory might be the mentioning of “Fairies In The Scottish Witch Trials”. In a guest piece for the “Modern Scot”, historian Jon Kaneko-James explores the appearance of fairies in the annals of Scottish Witch Trials: He says that fairies played an important role in the Witch trials and researched historical records. For example, a pamphlet printed in London, “detailing the 1566 interrogation of the Cunning Man John Walsh reports… and details his midnight meetings with the Fey court on various mounds and barrows in Dorset (Gibson, 2005, 26-9)”.

Here we have another kind of secret cults in the forest, but in these cases it were humans meeting supernatural beings. Of course this was forbidden.

Jon Kaneko-James draws some very interesting conclusions about the “reality” of these encounters with the fairies by investigating the historical background. He asks if “that area simply benefited from conditions of one kind or another that allowed records to survive there better than anywhere”. And the background here is the battle between Catholicism and Presbyterianism. The latter disapproved the supernatural and Presbyterianism had strong influence in the Scottish Witch Trials according to Kaneko-James.

The “secret commonwealth” of the mysteriously vanished Reverend Kirk is also connected to the political development during the time of the witch trials. The connection with humans (Witches) and supernatural beings (Fairies) is another important piece in the puzzle even we learned that the truth was always manipulated and its difficult to detect what’s really going on. However there is another real important element in the recordings:

Secret encounters and meetings with fairies enable women and men with supernatural abilities like second-sight. Furthermore there are disturbing records about a disintegration of the eternal border between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead. Kaneko-James mentions the case of Katherine Fordyce who appeared in the dreams of a neighbor after she had died. She claims that she was kidnapped by the fairies post-mortem after dying in childbirth.

Visionary encounters played an important role in the witch-craze. Here are strong parallels with the “interrogation” of contemporary alien-abductees in interviews or hypnotic regression sessions. Often the abductees gain supernatural powers like second-sight after the close encounter with aliens. The forbidden encounters with fairies in the forest and modern alien-abduction stories have a lot in common.

We could also mention the similarity between the stories about the dwarf-like monsters in the haunted Freetown State Forest and the reports about encounters with fairies in Scotland.

It’s hard to find the truth since as in historical times there are also political interests in our time and many reports get manipulated. Only one thing seems to be sure: something is going on out there and perhaps we are talking always about the same phenomenon hiding behind many masks.

Secret Cult In The Forest

The witches meet on April 30 on top of the mountain and there are whole pagan cults and secret societies gathering deep in the woods for weird rituals. True or wrong?

If there is one thing which makes it nearly impossible to distinct if it was fiction in the first place or fiction which was inspired by real events then it is secret cults in the forest.

IMG_34a60 copy

Today it seems that there have been some cases which look from a skeptical point-of-view like inventions of the modern time. In 1939 a British occultist named Gerald Gardner was supposedly initiated into a witch-coven and founded later the “Wicca” movement. “According to the beliefs held by coven members, the faith which they followed was the continuation of the “Witch-Cult”, a pre-Christian religion”(Wikipedia) However researchers came to the conclusion that the New Forest coven had never existed and that it was simply a fictional invention.

The ideas of that time were inspired by Margaret Murray’s “Witchcraft In Western Europe”. Murray, an anthropologist, propagated the theory “that until the 17th century there was a religion, much older than Christianity, which all over Western Europe had supporters both among ordinary people and the ruling classes” (Wikipedia). This “Cult of Dianus” was the ancient religion described in detail in the Golden Bough”.

Scientists in our days are very skeptical about the ideas of Margaret Murray and her theories which also shed a strange light on the origins on the witch-craze. It is more likely that the cultist and so called pagan activities in the woods were an invention by the witch-hunters who wanted to set up paranoia in the minds of people.

However we have many reports of some form of cults and secret meetings which took place in certain forests even in our days.

Particularly haunted forests are very likely to house secret cults. Some of the scariest stories happened in “Freetown-Fall River State Forest”, Massachusetts in the US. Brent Swancer, describes the The Cursed Forest Of Massachusetts:

“There seem to be places in this world to which strangeness seems to gravitate. Whether it is their geography, topography, or some inexplicable, unseen forces, these locations possess what can only be described as a certain disconnect from reality as we know it. They are imbued with some sort of undercurrent of mystery, strangeness, and sometimes even terror”.

The Freetown-Fall River State Forest is a paranormal hotspot with a history of crimes and mysteries: in 1978 a teenager-cheerleader was found murdered and over the years there have been murders and other crimes with alleged satanic or cult activity. The cultist activities were mentioned in two murder trials. Nevertheless there is a lot of speculation here and once a place has a certain “reputation” there could be also imitations or wrong-leads.

A very good lead for secret activities in the woods is the European “Beltane” or Walpurgis-Night on April 30. It seems there is a history for secret meetings particularly on top of some mountains, which were called “Blocksberg” (Blocksberg was a reference not only for a certain mountain but for different mountains were the witches danced). The “Walpurgis-Night” on the “Blocksberg” became famous when it was used by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in “Faust”. It is well known that Goethe did a lot of historical research, thus the central scene with the witches deep in the forest on top of the mountain wasn’t just only a fantasy but somehow inspired by a real motive. It might not what Mrs Murray thought about a Witch-Cult but some kind of folklorist tradition.

The motives stem from the European tradition of magic. There is a deep tradition in Europe for magic, demonology and superstition and even we mostly have never seen a magic ritual we know what it is. In 1972-73 there were were headlines in newspapers about a black mass or cultist activity on the small Danish Island of Anholt. The case included interviews with an actress Hannes Smyrner who gave the theory of cultist activity some credit. However there was never some real evidence but it was the traces which triggered the rumors. People somehow remembered the concept of magic rituals. The “secret cult” is like an image we all know but we can’t remember where we have seen it or where we heard about it in the first place.

In the end we have a strange feeling about most of these cases of alleged cultist activity – they are often pure inventions but on the other hand we feel there is some sort of truth here. When H.P. Lovecraft murmurs in his stories about the unspeakable cults in the forest he sounds convincingly; like an expert, like someone who has really seen these things.

It looks like modern cultists doing some kind of “reenactment” of some old tradition which seems to exist on another plane of reality. Maybe all the cases of alleged cult activity have been sort of reenactment of something we don’t know where it ever existed.

And the most astonishing fact is that it’s not the band of teenagers or former hippies who are acting out some strange play in the woods – it’s powerful men like the politicians and leaders who meet in the “Bohemian Grove” in California every year.



The case of the Freetown-Fall River State Forest becomes even more mysterious if we think of all the phenomena which were reported in this so-called Bridgewater triangle: we have alleged cult activity but also some sort of little monsters, restless Indian spirits, light orbs and – of course – big UFO sightings. This sounds like from a bad script of a B-movie: a typical case of too-many-motives. Not very believable.

However the wild mix of very different paranormal and other occult phenomena is typical not only for the Freetown-Fall River State Forest but for most of the “haunted forests of this world“. Since there is not much evidence – I would at least expect in our days a 4kvideo taken with an I-phone of the beast of the forest with so many researchers roaming these forests – the witness accounts sound not very credible at first sight. However if we look it from another angle the mix of phenomena with the alleged cults seems to be more like one piece of a kind of symbols of one big phenomena we don’t understand. It is one piece of a big jigsaw-puzzle and we still see these pieces but never the whole picture.  The haunted forest and its secret cults are kind of an archetype. The paradox of archetypes is that they are very real but obviously exist on another plane of reality which is not exactly ours but very close to our plane of existence.


Fire In The Air

“There are also times when, as happens to a land when the sea-dykes break, the invisible forces flow in upon us and swamp our lives” (Dion Fortune).

“Something is breaking through from another dimension into ours…” (The Forest Dark Screenplay)

_MG_605v1 Kopie

Fire is the element which means both creation and destruction and most of all transformation.

“The aim of magic is to steal the fire from the heaven” said the English artist and occultist Austin Osman Spare.

If we see fire as a form of energy it is the kind of an extreme powerful force; it is an energy both inside and outside of the body.

When we say there is fire in the air it could mean not a literal fire, but – according to some sources – an otherworldly energy, which is more like an electric field in the first moment, then the air becomes more dense and hot until finally something breaks through.

These kind of super natural events happen in stories but are also mentioned in reports about strange encounters like in “Happy Camp”, California, in a series of UFO encounters.

The best way to understand the element of fire (and its meaning in the otherworld) is the myth of Prometheus.

Fire here means also wisdom. Fire is the light of knowledge. Prometheus brought it to mankind. That’s why Prometheus was punished by the Gods.

Furthermore there is a fire of creation. In Zoroastrianism the fire of creation is “a direct creation of God” and “the material universe coalesced from the fire or energy of creation.

Fire is also the transition between the spiritual and material creations”.

This could mean that the moment of transitions are dangerous because fire signals danger.

These ancient ideas could be an interesting alternative in understanding reports of contemporary contacts with the unknown; like the car driver which ended up in a strange illuminated mist,felt an unnaturally thick and hot air, lost consciousness and missed some time and later he could not remember what happened. In some of these encounters people later said they received sudden knowledge about the world which in normally unknown to mankind.

It’s also worth to think about what it means “to play with fire”. In my story somebody plays with the fire and faces unforeseen consequences.



“They will not stop until they find a victim” (Duncan, The Forest Dark Screenplay).

It doesn’t matter if we follow “a light” in the forest, or if we search for something – forest horror stories work the same way most of the time: there is danger out there and it depends on the character’s strength to not become a sacrifice.


The motive of a sacrifice could be found at the core of many stories like in Algernon Blackwood’s “The Willows”.

One of the first stories of a sacrifice in the woods is mentioned in Scottish anthropologist Sir James George Frazer’s comparative study of mythology and religion, “The Golden Bough”. The book centers around the thesis that the old religions were fertility cults that revolved around the periodic sacrifice of a sacred king (see Wikipedia).

Somehow we all remember the stories of the elder gods and we know about the idea of a sacrifice. Forest stories work because we know about the inevitable, we know what will happen and hope that there is nevertheless some way out of the forest.

There is another crucial element in the old myth: a sacrifice is necessary for nature to come back to life (that’s the important element in fertility rites in spring). It could be also mean something or somebody has to be sacrificed for the other’s to survive.

Therefore the danger in our forest story does not necessarily come from the forest itself or what resides in the forest but from our companions or even our best friends. Old mythologies are still alive in our heads, therefore we should be careful whom we chose to come with us on our journey into the forest.

What does it take to think a sacrifice could please the angry gods and how long does it take until we are ready to kill our best friend?

Sometimes its not the forest which is dark. The forest shows us our own inner darkness at the bottom of our souls on our trip into the woods.

A Beacon Of Light In The Forest

“She can see a luminous glow coming from between the trees and the undergrowth itself. Before she can make out the origin of the mysterious light it disappears” (The Forest Dark, Screenplay, August 2015, page 81)

IMG_2611 (1) (1)

There is a popular myth around the world about false lights that a sailor warns the captain about people occasionally luring ships into underwater threats, thus causing a wreck.

We find such traps also in the mountains or in the forest: In “Ghost Lights” I mentioned examples of “foolish lights misleading the wanderer from his way”

Normally, the purpose of a beacon of light is either to guide you or it could be also a warning signal. Sometimes we don’t know if it is a warning, and we need to follow the light. How should we know? We have to get closer if we want to find out.

I can’t tell too much about the story in my movie project (in order to avoid any spoilers) but the light in the forest is one of the things where imagination met reality.

In places like Witch Mountains the foolish lights happen more often. The lights appear where the border between reality and unreality is indistinct. It may be that the forest in this mountains has moved somewhere that is like another dimension.

We’ve seen from very real encounters in our world that it’s hard to distinct if the creators of the lights have positive intentions or if it is indeed a trap: Sometimes a fire in the sky promises a miracle, sometimes there is a deadly blinding light in the forest as the dangerous lights in Brazil and Romania.

Perhaps the light orbs and ghost lights are like the beams of some invisible lighthouse in the forest sending a message we still need to understand.

I am convinced that there are places on Earth which work light lighthouses attracting sensible people. For example cult sites with strong tellurian forces can play a huge variety of tricks upon us. Maybe some people who disappeared in the forest “followed the light”.

What we need to ask is: who is the machinist in this lighthouse and what’s his intention? Is he more like the “people luring ships into underwater threats” or is he kind of a guardian angel?



Dance Of The Sun

Sometimes there are random encounters with people you never will forget. I remember an elder man I saw a couple of times in a pedestrian zone wearing transparent plastic gloves and a transparent raincoat all the time. He was always talking of “Fatima”.

I never learned anything about the background of that old man or what might had happened to him. But something must have made a life-changing impact on him.

“Fatima” was one of the most mysterious events in the 20th century and was accepted as a miracle by the Roman Catholic Church. The Miracle of the Sun was an event which occurred on Sunday 13 October 1917, attended by some 30,000 to 100,000 people who were gathered near Fatima, Portugal. Many people claimed to have witnessed extraordinary solar activity (Wikipedia, Miracle Of the Sun).


The whole story of Fatima includes much more than the “miracle of the sun” event. It is a complex case consisting of a chain of events. It began with three children, Ludica dos Santos, Jacinta Marto and Francisco Marot who claimed to have seen “Our Lady Of Fatima” and other visions.

They became famous not only because of the miracle of the sun and the apparitions but also because of the “three Secrets Of Fatima”, which included prophecies.

“The most widely cited descriptions of the events reported at Fatima are taken from the writings of John De Marchi, an Italian Catholic priest and researcher. De Marchi spent seven years in Fátima, from 1943 to 1950, conducting research and interviewing the principals at length.[14] In The Immaculate Heart, published in 1952, De Marchi reports that, “[t]heir ranks (those present on 13 October) included believers and non-believers, pious old ladies and scoffing young men” (Wikipedia, Miracle Of The Sun).

There are variations in the reports but a typical report sounds like this:

“The sun’s disc did not remain immobile. This was not the sparkling of a heavenly body, for it spun round on itself in a mad whirl, when suddenly a clamor was heard from all the people. The sun, whirling, seemed to loosen itself from the firmament and advance threateningly upon the earth as if to crush us with its huge fiery weight. The sensation during those moments was terrible.”—Dr. Almeida Garrett, Professor of Natural Sciences at Coimbra University.[17]

There is a lot more material and also reports including further phenomena for example strange weather events.

However there is one unique experience at the bottom of these reports: they sound more like some completely strange psychedelic sensation rather than the sighting of a “flying saucer” or the simple appearance of a fantastic object.

The problem with “Fatima” is that it’s impossible today to distinct what people really saw and what was brought up later as an interpretation. “It’s like a crime site trampled over leaving few usable traces for forensics”.

However there are a many things here we do know for certain:

The events had a tremendous impact on many people’s lives. There must have happened something which left a very deep impression. Ludica dos Santos became a nun.

Furthermore also the potential of such events to become a legend deeply affect people. The old man ( I’don’t think he was an actual witness) I watched wearing that transparent raincoat even the sun was shining looked a bit like somebody who is afraid of some sort of contamination or radiation – he made his own makeshift biohazmat.

What’s really interesting is that this happened not the first time. In my previous post “Watch The Fire In The Sky” I described similar events hundred of years before Fatima for example in Tuebingen, 1577. Thus there is a tradition for that kind of events.

From a more sceptical point of view we could ask if these “miracles of the sun” are kind of a cultural phenomena or is it simple a strange weather phenomena as some researchers thought.

It’s hard to say but what we can say is that “the dance of the sun” sounds like a typical visionary experience, something which looks like taken from a shaman’s journey but what happened on a collective level.

There is a strong apocalyptic element here and a very strong ambiguity: it’s wonderful and frightening at the same time, it could be benign but also threatening and it’s really weird. It is more like a collapse of the eternal boundary between matter and mind not like a real physical phenomena. It’s both psychological and its very real in a way.

If we look for real signs of the otherworld it might be exactly these type of events in human history – which perhaps changed or even manipulated the course of our history – we should look for. The “dance of the sun” is the kind of event which sets up the idea in our mind that our most cherished beliefs (about what’s real) could be wrong. Since we don’t know much about the nature of these events there is also a danger for misinterpretation and also abuse in a political sense here.

Phenomena like the dance of the sun work like reality changers, something I am dealing with in my movie project.

Further reading (excellent case study of Fatima included):



Signs From The Otherworld

The idea of otherworldly guardians in our lives suggests that there must be some form of communication between us and the agents of the otherworld.

A lot of people claim that they receive some call from the spiritual world during their lifetime. Ghosts disturb electricity. Demon’s leave their frightening marks. Since the early beginning of mankind priests and diviners try the interpret signs of the Gods.

Is there a chance to distinct between projections and something real? Is it true that our world is full of otherworldly signs but we don’t see them because we are blind?


I’ am afraid that there is no clear answer to this if we stick to our usual patterns of rational thinking.

The signs of the otherworld often appear as a mystery, or at least we think there must be some sort of a riddle which can be solved. Thus the first question is not if there are daimonic traces in our world or not but how to interpret them.

Furthermore, is there a message or not and can we read the message? We know from many alien encounters as fairy encounters in former times that these beings obviously love to talk in riddles. The same goes for psychics and daimonic humans; “the owls are not what they seem”  the Log Lady in Twin Peaks says.

When somebody is haunted by daimonic phenomena it might be something which Patrick Harpour calls a kind of initiation (which) happen the other way around: “The Otherworld enters this world” (Daimonic Reality, page 250). He calls it a quest and describes it as a goal-oriented kind of initiation where the quester, bombarded by the otherworld, is vulnerable to a mixture of delusion and revelation.

If we think of X-File’s Agent Mulder we find the perfect example of a quester on the brink of madness. Perhaps the series creators took the example of Mr. Keel, an Ufo-researcher, described by Harpour as an example.

Keel claimed that “that the phenomenon actually led him back on to the right path” which means that the confrontation with otherworldly events had an educational quality. The guardians obviously were teaching him a lesson – don’t trust the obvious.

Thus if we look out for signs of the otherworld we should look not for the obvious (proof of the ghost, alien landing, demon possession) but perhaps the truth lies in the contradictory nature of many reports.

Experiencing otherworldly events and studying the signs could be some sort of learning experience. However in the end the riddle gets not solved in an usual way but in a deeper understanding. It’s a bit like the quest for the Holy Grail where the knights gained insight during the journey. The Holy Grail is a very good example because it has many ambiguous meanings and serve as a symbol.

Otherworldly traces often are kind of symbols but it needs a lot of patience to understand the symbol.

But how could we detect “signs from the otherworld”?  There is no proof to this but if we experience something strange and cannot forget it or something which pops up as a memory later again and again, it might be worth to think about the nature of the event.

Signs from the otherworld might be not necessarily something which appears as something supernatural or as a kind of wonder to us at first sight. It might be strange sets of circumstances which direct our lives in a certain direction. Perhaps we aren’t even aware about these turning points. The only chance is to keep a good memory and understand later the hidden patterns behind certain events.

Of course, paranoia isn’t far away. And it doesn’t take so much to think that a strange cloud in the sky conveys a personal message or there are mysterious signs everywhere in the street, on a train ride or in your apartment. The quester is always walking on a thin line and you need to be on alert to not lose your grip on reality.

The irony however is that the rationalist if much more in danger to lose his wits when his explanations fail rather than the open-minded. Its good to become sometimes only an observer and not necessarily an interpreter.

But here comes another interesting issue with otherworldly signs: if I start a project, for example a movie project or a book which deals with otherworldly themes, it could become a similar quest like Keel’s Ufo-research. Like Harpour says, there are moments “our everyday reality becomes heightened, full of extraordinary synchronicities and paranormal events”(Daimonic Reality). I am convinced that happened already a couple of times and perhaps I wasn’t even aware of it. And this is the moment, when the popular ” story based on true events” could work the other way around. The idea of a project and its development might provoke something. It might not something on a grand scale but subtle events shaping the course of development.



Otherworld Guides

“I was guarded”. Many people share this experience. It might happen in extraordinary circumstances, but also in everyday situations and in near death experiences. Some people are convinced that their whole life was shaped by some sort of Guardian, as the famous psychologist C.G. Jung. The guide figure or protector (guardian angel) is related to Greek and Roman ideas of the personal daimon. These otherworld guides however are much more than friendly guardian angels.


Carol Zaleski writes in “Otherwordly Journeys” the advent of a guide is therefore a crucial event for most medieval otherworld vision; she says that “mere departure from the body does not suffice to make the (newly deceased) soul a fullfledged citizen of the next world…in Victor Turner’s phrase, ‘the soul is bewixt and between…an otherworld guide is usher the immigrant soul into its new surroundings. In the return-from-death-story, the soul’s assimilation into the other world is, by definition, incomplete, yet the temporary visitor would be lost without the services of an experienced escort, capable of interpreting alien sight” (Carol Zaleski, Otherworld Journeys, pages 52-53).

If we take this further there are a lot of implications about the true meanings of Guardians and the hidden patterns in our lives.

If the Otherworld Journey is a crucial moment for the guiding angel what’s his function during our life-time? The most common belief is that guiding angels are protecting us; “my Guardian Angel saved me”.

But maybe this is part of a larger pattern, the preparation of the soul for the next world during lifetime. It’s interesting that the guide is also an interpreter; it sounds like the guide who helps you to understand rules and conditions in an exotic country.

Some visionary encounters and modern unexplained (UFO) encounters could be seen in a different light if we assume that we have a companion in life, either a personal daimon, a guardian angel or a psychopomp. This guide might visit us in different disguise. Perhaps he wants to teach us something about the otherworld in our lifetime. Certainly a lot of supernatural encounters in the forest look like some reminder of the nextworld.

The aliens or former fairies and demons might be not some strange visitor, but something very familiar. It could be somebody who was already here all the time.

Carol Zaleski says, “at the same time, the presence of the guide is a sign of continuity between the otherworldly journey and the spiritual path in life” (Otherworldly Journeys, page 55).

The need for a guide appears not only in Near Death Experience but also in dreams or meditation, Mrs. Zaleski thinks. “A spiritual guide is as necessary for the living as for the dead”.

It would be an interesting question if when this spiritual guide makes his first appearance in our lives if this has to be always a pleasant experience. It might be also frightening. It could be a moment of recognition, changing our life forever. This is a theme I am dealing with in my movie project.